Friday, December 9, 2011

School's out for Summer....

Hoot who.  I have been looking forward to lazy mornings and no uniforms in the wash.
It's been a frantic lead up to the end of a school year.  (I can't believe how quickly my babies are growing).  The last couple of weeks have been quiet on the blogging front but very busy here in my domestic wonderland.  Teachers are very special people in the kids lives and they deserve to have gifts lavished on them at this time of year.  However I am mindful not to give them another mug or Christmas tree ornament to clog up there lives and too much chocolate is too much at this glutinous festive time.
This year Stella drew pictures of her teachers with fabric markers on off cuts of fabric and we used patterned fabric on the back, stuffed them with filling and wah lah.  Very cute and personalized gifts.
In Alby's composite classroom he has 3 teachers and 2 teacher's aides. Phoaw, 5 presents.  Could have been costly.  Luckily I am thrifty and crafty!!  Earlier in the year I screen printed some of the kids drawings to make the seat cushions for reading chairs that were auctioned off at the school fate.  I had the foresight to print extras.  I threw in some polka dot fabric (who doesn't love polka dots?) and a zip and made some little pillows.  Very darling, made one for Al too.
I have for a few years now made up these little hands free bags which are a perfect size for one's keys, phone and wallet.  Another great way to use up off cuts of cool fabric, or those swatches of fabulous fabric that you find in the op shops that are way too small for any substantial garments but you just can't leave them behind.  These bags are great to have on hand for back up gifts.  I made about 20 this year.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  The Christmas tree is up, the kids are home, the shops are crazy busy, the only thing missing is Brisbane's sweltering summer days.  It is unseasonably cold, 22 degrees instead of 35.  I even had to dig out some winter woollies this week. 
I have been busy making some fabulous costumes for the kids to make some equally fabulous Christmas cards.  I just need a fine day to take some photos.  Stay tuned.
Well tootle pops.  I have done a terrible thing (but I'm sure I will love it) and booked an additional 7 kids for a play today and really must get the house tidy so they can tear it up again.

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  1. Hey Khristie... what's with this weather!! I want it hot, hot, hot! Having said that having huge clean ups at my place so probably better cooller!.
    I love the presents you made.. especially the little dolls. Lovely. I hope you have a nice Christmas.