Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Cheer

As a mummy it is fun to dress the young'uns up and take photos and use the making of Christmas cards for the precedence. I started a few years ago and people come to expect it of me now.
This year I made the kids bird costumes.  Not the most christmassy costumes.  It is quite difficult to keep thinking of Christmas style photos that are different each year.  I had been wanting to make Stella a peacock outfit for a while, because I love them and she is a bit of a showoff herself.  But Alby as a rooster and Ginger as a penguin???  Birds are a bit festive I guess.  Ah, it'll keep em wondering.
Feast of the birds
Lovely peacock
Cheeky penguin
Playful Rooster

Here a few previous years in reverse order.
2009-Baby Krishna, baby Buddha and Saraswatti 


  1. Way cute!! I am hoping to get my little one involved in the baking this year..*you* must be well-organised to deal with card -making! Re:your comment on my pink 50s dress, yes doesn't it make you cry to think that this was just one day away from landfill...I don't want to think about what doesn't get saved. BTW I made it sound like a quick trip but I actually spent over 10 hours trawling the kerbs of Wynnum, and if I hadn't been looking for vintage suitcases I'd never have found it in a million years.

  2. This os so Avant garde? Not to mention totally adorable and creative. I love it! Can you put me on your achristmas list?
    Merry Christmas!