Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A 1940's Tea Dress, and seeking advice/opinions.

I won a fabulous competition recently and couldn't wait to sew up the dress of the McCall's 6835 from the 1940's.  Especcially after I saw Esz's dress from a similar pattern over at Kitty's Drawings, whom I won the pattern from.  It was suprisingly simple.  I love the scalloped neckline.
McCall's 6835

McCall's 6835
But Alas, those 1940's lass' have much narrower hips than I and it's too snug for my child bearing hips.  I am reluctant to unpick my handy work on this little number.  Even though I love the tea coloured polka dot fabric that was op shopped ages ago, it's just not my usual vivid choice.  I will make it again and allow for my width in a colour that is more me.
Another competition pattern that I won from The Long and Winding Bobbin has been made up, alas with even more disastrous results.  This Fabulous pencil skirt is Simplicity 1688.  Yhe fabric is sunair, I've never heard of this, but it has a lovely fee and a great texture.  When I Google sun-air, I get awning sites.  I have even lined it in this stunning apple green satin, very fabulous.  24 darts in all, phew!! 
Simplicity 1688
It is just not sitting straight or flat.  What to do.  Does anyone have any tips on fixing the dilemma?  Or shall I sacrifice the loveliness of the side wrap and put a center zip in it?

Simplicity 1688, crooked

Thanks for any input.
Oh and here are the preppies Storytelling Chairs, all together and complete.  Super cute.
Storytelling Chairs


  1. For the skirt do you have enough room to move the buttonholes over about 3/4 of an inch? You can also taper the skirt a bit more at the bottom. As for the dress it's so pretty. There is no way to take out the princess seams on the skirt a little. Would the stitchmarks show? You could also sell it. I would love to have adress like that!

  2. That dress sure came up a treat!! I think you could probably get a little extra room from letting out some of the seams in the hip. How much space do you need?

    As for the other skirt - I think I have that pattern too. A fix would be putting a button, snap or hook and eye on the inside overlap, right where it's shifting up. Hopefully if you stop it from being crooked up top, it won't be crooked at the bottom either.

    I'm in the process of making my own 40's dress similar to the one you won. It's proving rather :interesting: - a lot more complicated than it initially looks.

  3. I just made a skirt that doesn't lay right. It's discouraging. I think moving the material around until it hits and hangs right is key and than adjusting the buttons but if you can't fix it I don't know who could. Your work is so lovely and neat.