Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Presents, Prizes and an Op Shop Jackpot.

I've had an overindulgent weekend and now I'm paying for it.  I have been grain fee for 2 months now and have been feeling on top of the world, mum.  This weekend ever, was my birthday; on top a boozy lunch of bread, I had a creamy pasta for dinner and my fair share of cake.  I feel tired and cranky.  What better way to cheer myself up than a good ol' fashion rummage in my favourite op shops.
Before I show you today's treasure, I will share my favourite presents, from 2 of my gal pals.  Why is it friends get your style more than family?
Printed Mary Janes and a 1930's brooch.
 I have also been lucky enough to win a prize from Esz over at Kitty's Drawings blog.  One of her most fabulous drawings done on the computer and a 1940's pattern. Yah, such a lucky girl.  Check out Esz's blog, she is on talented lass, with loads of style.
My awesome prizes.
I almost didn't go into the third and finally op shop on my trawls today, but I hadn't been for a while and I needed that extra pick up.  Soooo glad I did, check out the editions to my growing stash, most of the women's patterns are my size and the girl's are perfect size for Stella.  Totally bummed about one of the McCall's dress patterns, I had been chasing the style for a while, but the previous owner cut the dress into a skirt and didn't keep the bodices.  Damn it!  Oh well you win some and you lose some.
The Kid's patterns

My 2 faves

Adult's patterns

My faves, check out that fab cape.
The morning of my birthday was spent at the doctors'.  Gi Gi has a green stick fracture, very common apparently.  She got caught up in one of Alby's rope traps, that he has been loving making lately.  Poor sausage.  Isn't she cute though in her iddy biddy cast.  Ginger chose the colour too.
Gi Gi in her cast
After lunch, we checked out IMA (Institute of Modern Art).  I loved this work, reminds me of the Round Heads that my friend Philip Colley has made.
Round Head
On a final note.......I have finally started a limited edition of Artist series of silk screen printed t-shirts.  My first 3 designs are Andy Warhol, coz he is my favourite.  Here is the first cab off the ranks.  This is the tag, actually, that will let you know how many were made. 


  1. Hi! I only just found your blog - so now I see the connection yay! :-D So glad you love your prizes :-)