Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rita's Patterns.

OMG, I'm like a kid in a candy store.  I picked up Rita's patterns today.  I wore her sunny yellow frock and she was thrilled to see it being worn.  I think it made her chock a bit.  I meant to get a photo with Rita today, but alas I forgot in the excitement.  I have lovingly gone through them, straightened the packets listed them bagged them and looked some up on line.

Some packets are in poor condition, others are brilliant for their age, but mostly the patterns look in good nick.  Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Only one pattern resembles any of the Rita's dresses.  Undated simplicity pattern, circa 1958, as this was one of Rita's honeymoon dresses.  The unworn pineapple dress.
Pineapple dress pattern
McCall's 1950's
A fave.

Another fave.
McCall's 1960's
Love this

And this
McCall's 1970's
Vogues 1960, no date and 1958


Style 1970's

Simplicity 1960's

Simplicity 1970's

Definitely making this asap.

I love the internet, I was able to print out the covers for the last five patterns.  The last five patterns were in various states, all have no covers, some have no instructions and some have only the bodice or blouse.

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