Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Cheer

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.  It's hot and stormy this year in Brisbane, which beats hot and dry.  The kids are all home from school and learning to play in the dynamic of 3 again.  The tree is up and some presents are made and wrapped.
It has been a while between blogs, as I have been a very busy mummy.  As well as sewing up some Chrissie pressies for teachers and family and friends, all of which I have not documented, (due to last minute sewing and giving and posting);  there has been school break up parties and Stella's 7th birthday party.

My fave retro style decoration on the tree.

Gi Gi with my real vintage angel, it plays music and turns.     
Kindy break up party food, so yummy.

Stella's Pool Party
It was a pretty wet day, but that didn't stop the girl's swimming.
Rather than a goody bag packed with lollies and cheap toys, I opted to make a few Betty Boop beach bags.  For a fun activity and a goody to pop in the bag, I bought the girls some thongs and they decorated them by knotting on strips of different coloured fabric, (great way to use some remnants).  Unfortunately I wasn't very good at getting photos of the ambient surroundings, blow up palm trees, tropical punch in goblets with straws and parasols and the pool looked fab with stacks of colourful floaties, but it was a smashing success.

The cake looks fabulous, but tasted like pure sugar.

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