Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Costumes Galore

I am Frazzled at the moment, parties, plays, market stalls, I have been sewing like crazy, all while getting the kiddies off to their usual things.  I may have just accepted a pineapple challenge too, ( make a hat that looks like a pineapple).  All this, and all I want to do is sort out my workspace, organize my patterns and make myself and maybe Stella, some summer frocks.  Ho hum!
The Christmas tree goes up tomorrow and this will just be a constant reminder to start Christmas shopping.  Stella is having a pool party for her birthday this year on the 12th.  We are having Christmas eve and morning at our house, running around Christmas Day and Boxing Day, then off to Coffs for a Holiday on the 27th, which is Stella's actual birthday.  Ho hum!
Evil clown, though way to cute to be evil!
Anyhow, this is my chance to show some things I've been making..... 
Medusa, bit top heavy.

Lizard girl

Spooky kids?

Skull boy

Skull boy in full costume

Evil clown, but way too cute to be evil.   

Cow for the Kindy play

Sheep for the kindy play.

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  1. lili says, 'i like the pictures'.
    kelly says,' looks like fun at your house! like your medusa dress'.