Wednesday, June 22, 2011

#Bam * Crash # Pow*

Is it a bird?  No, just my fabulous cape people. 
Made from  McCall's 2337 from 1970.  It was very simple to make, once I started.  I went to a fabulous fabric sale as mentioned by Summer Flies at Sew Darn Tired, and purchased this pee green wool for a bargain price.  (The satin blanket edging around it cost more.)  It was almost a circle with a couple of arm holes and an unusual shape cut out that required a dart for the hood and created the shoulders. 

back view


McCall's 2337
It was smash hit at a recent family bbq, so.....I have also made a red one for my soon to be sister in law and modeled by an armless, legless Bouncing Betty.  It looks great with a brooch to hold it in place rather than a hand and perfect for throwing over a jumper for extra warmth.

This is what it looks like off.
It's been a long time between posts as my usb cord is stuffed and I just got myself a usb card reader today.  I have been a very very busy Mummy.  Lots of sewing, screen printing and building myself a little business.  More of that some other time.
Very exciting news though.... I am making a fabulous dress for my cousin in law, Jo.  Jo lives with an elderly lady, Libby,  that spent her life travelling round the world, instead of settling down and cooking and sewing for her family as was expected of women back in that era.  She has no heirs to her vast collection of things, has heard about my sewing and fashion obsession and has offered me her Singer sewing machine that her mother bought her, never used.  Her pile of Old Vogue Magazines, not sure of the dates.  Jo said the magazine on top is a catalogue of patterns for mail order.  And Libby has said I can go through her wardrobe and choose any clothes that I want.  Libby is 89.  She doesn't throw much out.  There may be clothes at least 60 years old.  Let's hope some of them fit me or that I can make them fit.  I am having kittens I am so excited.  It is a long week waiting til Sunday!!
Until then......


  1. Khristie, So happy you could make that sale ... it's fantastic isn't it! Did you get on their mailing list? (I didn't see them asking people but I'll let you know if/when it happens again)

    That cape looks fabulous!! I bought one of the ready made jackets in that pea green wool - nice colour isn't it. I am jealous of your soon to be treasures.. hope it all fits and you find great things.

  2. This reminds me of a Japanese design.Yohji Yamamoto.

  3. Oh! My friend once showed me a FELT cape like this (with the cute little armholes) and I'd forgotten to add it to my wish list. (Don't I sound organised, like I even have a wish list for my sewing! I'm too spontaneous!)

    Looks GORGEOUS!


  4. Oh my, i LOVE the cape!! I hear its pretty cold in Melbourne ... hint hint ^.^

    Is that a new set of drawers I spy?

  5. Hi, do you know where I could find that pattern?? I have bee looking & can't seem to find one.

  6. No, I have no idea where to find it. Etsy or ebay would be the best bet. It was a really simple design, I could email you a picture if you like.