Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A very busy Mummy.

Lately, it has been sew sew sew.  Nothing especially fabulous, nothing for myself.  But I must say some fabulous results.  
Curtains for the newly renovated dining and work space.

Ghetto Hat for sale at some handmade markets and for sale on etsy.

I've recently come across some beauties from op shops and church sales, for a steal.  
between 10c and $1, lots more not pictured.

present from aunty Pat and uncle Pete, they bought them in 1974.  Wallpaper from germany, being hung tonight.  EEK.
a present from Meegs, purchased for a steal from an antique shop. LOVE.

Carpet Art and crochet owl, I love, mostly everyone else hates.  No taste, some people.

Glass ball.  I LOVE glass.     

 Baby OCKII had the joy, and the stress of watching my nephew be born, all naturally.  Beautifully big  4kg  boy.  Totally in love with him. 
This is the reason I haven't had my camera, but I don't mind at all.

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