Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Vogue Stunner

This here is a dress I made for a friend to wear to a formal event where the theme is  'A night at the races, French style.'  I immediately thought of Audrey Hepburn and did a mental scan of my most fabulous patterns and thought of Vogue 9264 from 1958.
Vogue 9426

Close up of bodice
It has been made in a gun metal grey satin, that is unlike any I've seen before, the inside of this fabric feels alot like cotton.
This dress is a sewing achievement for me, as I did a bunch of things I've never done before. Firstly a muslin of the bodice.
The lovely tie at the front is and the front sleeve is are both part of the front side piece, making a t shape.  It was tricky stopping and starting, above and below seams and clipping the curves in all the right places.  Eeek.
The sleeves have gussets, which totally blew my mind for a while.  I'm way too traumatised to go into details, but I got there in the end.
Because this a dress for a formal event, I didn't want any top stitching, so all my hems are hand stitched, including a horse hair braid in the skirt's hem.  I love the effect of the horse hair braid and can see myself using it alot.  I attempted to hand stitch the zip, but the satin looked bubbly and quite awful, so I did my first ever invisible zip.  I didn't get any pictures, but trust me, it looks invisible!
Dodgy hand stitched zip
I love it and so does Jo.  I will get more pictures of Jo all done up as she will look even more stunning with all the right accessories!!
I was keen to try the other version of this dress, so I did.  I have used a vintage linen with a Dalmatian spot and a contrasting tie in pink silk.  Only because I was a little short on spotty fabric, but I like the result.  Can you bear it when you don't have enough fabric?  I much preferred working in this fabric.  The dress is lovely to wear.  Love it also.
Vogue 9426

Close up of tie
Vogue 9426

Monday, July 11, 2011

Flannie and a V8

Here is my take on an Aussie Icon the "Flannie".  I found this awesome printed flannelette fabric and had to use it this winter.  I was limited by the length of the fabric and decided to use this 1970's Butterick 3714 A-line dress pattern. Totally cannot see them, but I'm wearing Japanese Tabby Boots, which always make me feel super fast.
Butterick 3714

The photos today were taken by the almost 3 year old ginger, which explains the angle.  Here is Gi Gi posing for me.  Such a doll.
On another note, I have been trying to be more organized and have sorted my patterns into their eras.  This is the result.  A newly moved tower of ports, filled with patterns.  Bar one, which has some fabric.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Playing Dress Ups with Libby's Frocks

I have Libby's Frocks.  They are mostly long 70's polyester numbers.  Some get it right and Jo had first dibs on most of them ( I will have to get some photos), and some are fun, but ghastly.
This is my favourite dress that typifies the style of the day.  Italian made, it looks as though it has never been worn.  The colours are amazing and the drop waist fit is very flattering.  The first few photos are keepers, some of the others are for the dress up box and others I may make into blouses or skirts.
Only polyester number that I will keep. 

I love this skirt.

A two piece, I think I will shorten the hem.

A kaftan, to cover up at the beach.
I was disappointed these next frocks were mostly polyester, as I made a vow years ago to avoid the stuff.  In Queensland's heat it is not worth the sweat.  I'm all for suffering for style, polyester is a new level though.
Moon Child, 70's made in India, super high waisted skirt and a very blowsy blouse.

super split

Love the print,hate the style

In two minds about this, love the style

I wish this was cotton.

A new level of polyester, quilted like a dressing gown.

This is almost good, but polyester.

No good going on here.

A 3 piece.
India in the 70's, the embroidery is lovely.

Fun!  New favourite in the dress ups

I may wear this to do the school drop off.
There you have it folks.  I think I need to work on my poses.  Let me know if you see any potential.  And am I alone in my dislike of polyester?
Here is how I started the day.  I better go feign interest in the State of Origin!!!